I have two brothers (one older, the other younger) and my parents in my family. Whenever I talk to them about my dreams they laugh at me. I don’t have any one to talk to about my goals and dreams. I have several friends; one is very close to me but I have never shared something personal like this with him. What should I do?

 Hi dear, You feel quite hurt and ridiculed when your family members laugh at your dreams and are wondering with whom you can talk about these goals and dreams.

While it is normal to share what you feel excited about, think about what response you expect from those with whom you share them. Do you want them to approve and encourage you? Give you feedback and suggestions? Support to achieve them… or something else? Then communicate accordingly. For example, ask questions like: “What do you think about my goals?” or “Please give me any suggestions for improvement” or “Please suggest ways that I can achieve my goal”. This helps people to see that you are serious about your goals.

Start working towards your goals today. For example, if someone wants to be a Space Scientist, they need to complete a science degree, and they need to focus on Science and Maths now. If there is no action, dreams remain unfulfilled. Be prepared that your dreams may change as you grow older. So, keep a goal diary where you can write about or draw your goals.

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