When was wallpaper first used?

Wallpaper developed soon after the introduction of papermaking to Europe, during the latter part of the 15th century. Although it is often assumed that the Chinese invented wallpaper, there is no evidence that it was in general use in Asia any earlier than the time of its appearance in Europe. The earliest wallpapers in England and France were hand painted or stenciled. During the 17th century, decorative techniques also included block printing and flocking, a process whereby powdered wool or metallic powders were scattered over paper on which a design had been drawn with a slow-drying adhesive. The oldest existing example of flocked wallpaper comes from Worcester and was created in approximately 1680.

Fact File:

Wallpaper exists today of the designs of the artist William Morris (1834-1896). His style is very distinct and his work is much sought-after.


Picture Credit : Google