When was the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic established?

Ukraine became an integral part of the Soviet Union, named as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (the Ukrainian SSR). Also called Soviet Ukraine, its political system was shaped exactly like that of the U.S.S.R. The ruling force was the Communist Party of Ukraine, which was only a branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The government institutions and the laws were all copied from the Russian system.

The Ukrainian SSR (the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) was part of the Soviet Union right from its start in 1922 and until its breakup in 1991. The third largest Soviet republic, the Ukraine SSR’s borders changed several times. A major portion of today’s western Ukraine was annexed by the Soviet forces in 1939 from Poland, and Crimea was added in 1954. The Republic’s capital was at first Kharkiv in the east, but later it was moved to Kyiv.

As the Soviet Union was dissolved, the Ukrainian SSR ceased to exist, too. Thus, on 24th August 1991, the independent Ukraine we see today came into being.

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