When was the first cartoon drawn?

The word ‘cartoon’ was originally used by painters during the period of the Italian Renaissance. And in fact, it is still used today by artists. What they are referring to, however, is the first sketch in actual size of any work of art which covers a large area, such as a mural, a tapestry, or a stained-glass window. When newspapers and magazines started to use drawings to illustrate news and provide amusement, these drawings also came to be called cartoons.

The first comic strips appeared in the early 1900’s. Richard Outcault (the artist who created Buster Brown) published this comic strip in 1902. It was so popular that children all over the country wanted to dress in Buster Brown clothes. Another early comic strip was Bringing up Father, which came out in 1912.

Fact File:

In the days before newspapers, famous caricaturists like Hogarth, Goya, Daumier and Rowlandson made series of drawings on a single theme. These were the ancestors of the present-day cartoons and comic strips.


Picture Credit : Google