When was the first atomic bomb explosion?

Technological advances in the machines and weapons of war were rapid during the 20th century. During World War I, inventions included the tank and the fighter aircraft. At sea, one of the major advances in military marine technology happened before the war, with the building of the battleship Dreadnought.

During World War II, the Germans used a new type of warfare, known as Blitzkreig (lightning war). But even more horrifying was the invention of the atomic bomb in the United States.

The first atomic bomb was exploded in an experiment in New Mexico, USA in July 1945. Only month later, atomic bombs were used to end the war. The bombs dropped on Japan killed about 130,000 people. Many more suffered terrible after effects such as radiation and burn injuries. This same terrifying bomb was used to bring the war against Japan to its catastrophic end.

Fact File:

Both the British and the French armies experimented with tanks during World War I. These armoured vehicles were first used to effect at the battle of Cambrai in 1917.


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