Macbeth was probably written between 1603 and 1606. It was penned during the reign of James VI, and Shakespeare’s relationship with sovereign nobility is best reflected in this play, which is also one of Shakespeare’s shorter tragedies.

      In Verona, Italy, there were two families who were sworn enemies: the Capulets and the Montagues.

     Romeo, a young man in the Montague family, was sad because a woman named Rosaline would not return his love. Meanwhile, Juliet, a Capulet, was asked to marry a Count named Paris, although she was not in love with him. Her parents prepared for a huge party that night.

      Romeo’s best friend Mercutio wanted to cheer him up, and suggested that they go to the Capulet party. Romeo agreed, though reluctantly. He knew they would not be welcome by the enemy family.

     At the party, Romeo and Juliet saw each other and fell in love. When the party was over, Romeo stood below Juliet’s balcony and called to her. They made ardent vows of love. Juliet’s trusted nurse and Friar Laurence, a priest, helped them to get married in secret.

     Unfortunately Romeo got involved in a fight between the two families, and he happened to kill Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. Romeo fled the scene, but the Prince ordered that Romeo should be exiled and should never return to Verona. Then Juliet’s father told her that marriage with Count Paris would take place soon. Filled with sadness, Juliet visited Friar Laurence, who gave her a special potion. It would put her into a deep sleep, making her appear to have died. The plan was that Friar Laurence would send word to Romeo about this fake death. Once Juliet was entombed, the marriage to Paris would be called off. Then Juliet would awaken, Romeo would find her, and both could live happily ever after.

      However, the message about the fake death could not reach Romeo. All he came to know was that Juliet had died. He got some poison himself and visited the tomb. Thinking she was dead, Romeo drank the poison and died next to her. When Juliet woke from her deep sleep, she was horrified to see Romeo lying dead. She took Romeo’s dagger and stabbed herself.

      Later, both the families repented their enmity, and decided to live in peace.

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