When was coffee first brewed?

An interesting fact about the use of coffee is that it was first enjoyed without even being brewed. East African tribes have used the fruit of the coffee tree for centuries as an article of food. They would roast the berries in an open pan or prepare them with animal fat, and then eat them.

The first coffee plants probably grew in Kaffa, a province of Ethiopia. This province may have given coffee its name. In the 14th century Arabian merchants came to Kaffa and became acquainted with the coffee seeds. They then began to brew coffee. The followers of Mohammad were forbidden to drink wine, and coffee was a stimulating beverage that could take the place of wine for them.

About the middle of the 15th century, the use of coffee as a beverage spread from Yemen to Mecca, and from there to Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus and other places. There were coffeehouses in Cairo as early as 1511. Coffee was introduced to Western Europe around 1615.

Fact File:

Tea is another popular beverage. The Chinese are the original and greatest tea drinkers. They have enjoyed tea for more than 4,000 years. It was only about 300 years ago that Europeans first tasted tea.


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