When was atom structure discovered?

Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist. His mark on science and history was worldwide. His professional work and personal beliefs were part of the larger stories of the century. Bohr studied physics at the University of Copenhagen where he began to work on the problem of the atom’s structure. Ernest Rutherford had recently suggested the atom had a miniature, dense nucleus surrounded by a cloud of nearly weightless electrons. There were a few problems with the model, however. Bohr proposed adding to the model and this proved to be a huge leap forward in making theory fit the experimental evidence that other physicists had found over the years. A few inaccuracies remained to be ironed out by others over the next few years, but his essential idea was proved correct.

He received the Nobel Prize for this work in 1922, and it is what he is most famous for. Bohr was only 37 at the time and went on to make many other discoveries.

Fact File

Niels Bohr helped to develop the atomic bomb in 1943.


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