When the Great Wall of China was built?

This gigantic fortification was designed as a defensive barrier to protect the Chinese empire against attacks from invading hordes of barbarians. The Great Wall was built along the northern border of China from about 200 B.C. Local feudal lords had already built some walls and forts many years previously in places such as gaps in the mountains where enemy soldiers could easily slip through into China. It was not until the great emperor Shih Huang Ti who reigned from 221 to 210 B.C. that all these walls and forts were linked up and extended as one barrier.

The great wall reached a length of about 2,400 kilometres, the longest wall ever built, winding its way up mountains and down into valleys. The height of the wall ranges from 6 to 16 metres and along its top there used to be a road more than 4 metres wide. Every so often there was a huge tower where soldiers lived and kept guard.


Picture Credit : Google