When is the best time to see a bat?

Bats are most easily spotted on open ground near ponds and rivers at dusk. Insects hatch and fly from the water in large numbers, which attracts the bats. The bats catch the insects by a process known as echolocation. This is a technique in which an animal processes sounds and listens for the echoes reflected from surfaces and objects in the environment. From the information contained in these echoes, the animal is able to perceive the objects and work out exactly where they are. Bats change their roosting places from season to season. They choose caves, old ice houses and trees in which to hibernate. These give a constant temperature just above freezing.

Fact File:

A bat called the pipistrelle has adapted to warm cavity walls or hanging tiles in our homes as their normal woodland habitat has been lost and natural roosts have become scarce.  


Picture Credit : Google