When is summer solstice?

The earth revolves around the Sun and at the same time it revolves on its own axis. As it moves around the Sun, it is also spinning like a top. If the axis of the earth were at right angles to the path of the Earth around the sun, all the days of the year would be the same length. However, the earth is tilted at an angle of 66.5 . In June the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun and it receives more sunshine during a day. This is its warmest season called summer. On the 21 June the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer and it is midsummer in the Northern hemisphere. This is the time known as the summer solstice.

Fact File:

The Sun is the source of light and heat for the solar system. The four planets closest to the Sun are small and solid, the closest being Mercury. An asteroid belt separates these from the larger planets which are made up of gas.


Picture Credit : Google