Flag Day

On Flag Day in Sweden, June 6, the Swedes remember the day in 1523 when Gustavus I became king and Sweden became an independent country. Before then, Sweden was part of a group of countries ruled by the king and queen of Denmark. Sweden was part of this group for many years. But some people were not happy under Danish rulers. Gustavus was one of them. He joined the fight for independence from Denmark when he was only 18 years old. Sweden won its independence, and the happy Swedes elected Gustavus as their king.

Today, Swedes celebrate the day with parades. Many people fly the country’s flag outside their home. The king and queen of Sweden also give flags to schools, sports clubs, and other groups in a special ceremony.

There are other flag days in June. The U.S.A. celebrates Flag Day on June 14. Finland’s Flag Day is the Saturday closest to June 24.

Picture Credit : Google