When does the snow line move?

Snow lines are clearly visible on mountains. They mark out the area above which a mountain is permanently covered in snow.

The highest points of a mountain are much colder than the lower points. The snow which falls on the higher regions never thaws because it is so cold. In the summer, however, the warmer weather begins to melt some of the snow. This causes the snow line to move up the mountain.

As the summer months pass by and the winter months return, the snow line moves further down the mountain once again.

In colder regions, the snow line is close to ground level, but where the air is warmer, the snow line is closer to the Equator.

Fact File:

Mountains such as the Rockies in South America, do not see a dramatic movement in the snow line. This is because they are so high up. The climate is very cold in winter and the summers are short-lived.


Picture Credit : Google