Ostrich is the largest bird. These flightless birds grow up to nine feet tall (2.7 m). They also lay the largest egg of any bird. One ostrich egg can weigh as much as two dozen chicken eggs.

Ostriches mainly feed on seeds, shrubs, fruits, flowers and small insects. They also swallowed pebbles for grilling foods in gigerium. Interestingly, ostriches can hold up to 1.3 kilograms of pebbles and sand within their gigerium. Ostriches can also live without water for several days.

The powerful long legs help ostriches for attacking the predators. Ostriches usually live in groups that contain 10 to 50 birds. A female ostrich lays up to 60 eggs in a year. On average, an ostrich egg measure 5.1 inches in diameter and up to 1.4 kg in weight.


Picture Credit : Google