What’s on the menu in space?

Astronauts either add water to waterless food, or they eat ready meals, such as stew or pasta. Canned fruit, puddings, biscuits, sweets and gum are all on the menu, too.

Is it true? Astronauts eat freeze-dried ice cream.

No. The ‘astronaut ice cream’ sold in the shops isn’t really eaten in space. But on the Mir space station, American astronauts took out an ice cream feast to share with the Russian cosmonauts!

Why doesn’t the food float away?

Everything floats about in space, so meals are eaten from trays stuck to astronauts’ clothes. Drinks come in a cup with a lid and are sucked up through a straw.

Amazing! Some astronauts get space sickness! Floating makes many astronauts throw up, and if they’re not careful the sick flies everywhere! Luckily, the sickness wears off after a day or two.

How do astronauts wash?

The Skylab space station had a shower fitted with a vacuum cleaner to suck off the water, but there’s no room for a shower on the shuttle. Astronauts use wet wipes, and clean their hair with rinseless shampoo.

Picture Credit : Google