What would happen if the earth suddenly stopped spinning?

Buildings would topple. Mountains would crumble. Seas would slosh into your bedroom. If Earth suddenly put on the brakes, everything and everyone on it would suddenly hurl in the direction of the planet’s former spin. (People who live closer to the Equator – where Earth’s spin is fastest – would have the roughest ride.) Gravity would keep us from flying into space, but Earth would become a different place – even for those who live far from the Equator. For starters, the worldwide system of time zones (created to adjust local time based on the Earth’s rotation) would change drastically. A day would last a year (it would now take 365 days for the sun to return to its original place in the sky). Crops would wither. We’d all need to slather on heavy-duty sunscreen to survive six months of sunlight before bundling up for six months of night. The good news is that this nightmare scenario is a virtual impossibility.


Picture Credit : Google