What were the dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs were reptiles of many amazing shapes and sizes that lived long ago. They had just the same needs as the animals you know today – to hunt, feed, breed and escape their enemies.

Is it true? Dinosaurs only lived on land.

Yes. They were adapted for life on land because they walked with straight legs tucked underneath their bodies, as we do. This gave them an advantage over other animals and helped them dominate the land.

Where did they live?

Everywhere on Earth, but the planet was completely different in dinosaur times. The seas, plants animals and continents, Laurasia and Gondwana, were all different. And there were no people!

Amazing! One of the earliest dinosaurs ever found was Eoraptor, ‘dawn stealer’, and it lived 225 million years ago. It was only one metre long and probably a fierce hunter of small reptiles.

 When did they live?

Dinosaurs ruled the world for millions of years. They appeared about 225 million years ago and died out 65 million years ago. There were three periods in dinosaur history: Triassic, when the first dinosaurs appeared; Jurassic and Cretaceous, when dinosaurs dominated the land.

Picture Credit : Google