What were the causes of the February Revolution of 1917?

It was a really disturbing period for Russia. The people, still haunted by the hurtful memories of Bloody Sunday, had to suffer many hardships. There was already unrest among the people who were fed up with the autocratic rule of the tsars. There was corruption and inefficiency everywhere. Dissatisfaction grew among the rural peasants and the industrial workers because they were oppressed by the tsarist regime. Russia’s involvement in World War I had proved disastrous to the country, as Russia’s army was no match for the industrialized Germany’s might. There were heavy casualties and the costly war efforts disrupted the economy. There was an acute shortage of food supplies, and living conditions deteriorated. Supplies could not be transported to the cities as the railways were fully engaged in the war effort. Industrial production was badly affected, too, as able-bodied men were sent to fight the war.

All this set the background for the February Revolution of 1917. The peasants finally revolted against the tsarist rule, and they were supported by the soldiers.

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