What was daily life in ancient Rome like?

            Rome built on seven hills was a huge, crowded city, with beautiful temples and public buildings.

            Language Fact the Roman Empire stretched from the Atlantic to the Tigris, and contained about 65 million inhabitants. While Latin was the language of the army and of Roman law, many people incorporated into the empire still spoke their native tongue.

            Romans started their day with a light breakfast. After work men headed towards the public baths, which was almost like a social event. In all Roman families the head of the house was a man, and his wife looked after the household, and controlled it. Every town had its temples dedicated to protector gods and goddesses. Business was done in the forum, originally the town market place. The Romans built walls around the city for protection. The houses of different classes of people in Rome were different. The rich had big houses with an open space in the centre called atrium. They also had servants to run the house. There were apartment buildings for those who were not quite so rich, while the poor had shabby tenements.