What was a ‘Tin Lizzie’?

The Model-T Ford was nicknamed ‘Tin Lizzie’. It was small and reliable, and cheap enough for millions of people to buy.

Who got dressed up to go motoring?

Drivers and passengers of early cars had to dress up in protective clothes before driving into the countryside. Most cars had no windscreen, doors or bodywork to keep out wind and rain, or dust and mud from the dirt roads. So people wore thick fur coats or rubber capes, peaked hats and enormous goggles over their eyes.

Amazing! In the early 1900s, there were no petrol stations. Village blacksmiths often kept a supply of petrol to sell to car drivers whose tanks had run dry. There were no garages or mechanics either, so drivers had to carry a tool kit and spare parts in their cars, in case of a breakdown.

Is it true? Henry Ford invented the production line.

No. Production lines existed before Henry Ford started making cars. But he did invent the moving line, where the cars moved along as parts were added.

Who spoke to the driver through a tube?

In some early cars, the passengers sat in the back behind a glass screen. The driver sat in the front. The passengers spoke to the driver through a metal tube to give him directions.

Picture Credit : Google