What uses a trapdoor to catch its prey?

The trapdoor spider builds an underground burrow, lined with silk and covered with a hinged lid. It lifts up the lid just a little, peeps out and waits. When prey approaches, it flips open the trapdoor, leaps out and attacks.

What catches its victims with its lip?

Young dragonflies live in ponds and streams. They catch tadpoles and small fish using a special lower lip, which shoots out to stab and hold prey.

Is it true? Wasps will not attack spiders.

No. The sting of the large spider wasp can paralyze a spider three times its size. The wasp then lays an egg on the spider. When the larva hatches it eats the spider alive.

Amazing! Spider webs come in many shapes and sizes. The purse web spider spins a long, tube-shaped web. The spider waits inside the web until an unsuspecting insect lands on the outside of the web. Then it bites through the silk and catches its prey.

What creeps up on its prey?

The jumping spider stalks its prey like a cat, before suddenly pouncing. Even with eight eyes, most spiders are short-sighted, and rely on hairs on their legs to sense vibrations. But jumping spiders have excellent eyesight.

Picture Credit : Google