What the art of Paper Folding is called?

Paper Folding

Have you ever made a paper aeroplane? If you have, you have enjoyed the most recent and popular addition to the old craft of paper folding. This craft is called origami.

Originally, the Japanese invented about 100 origami figures. Most are natural forms, such as birds, frogs, and fish. One form of origami, with shapes all its own, is called noshi. These are pleated paper decorations that Japanese people attach to gifts. The Japanese like to use squares of paper for making origami figures. The squares range from 15 to 25 centimetres in size. They also use a special paper called washi.

Papermaking families in Japan still make washi by hand. To make washi, they first mix a glue-like liquid with bark, cotton, linen, or tree fibres and stir the mixture into a mush called pulp.

Next, they dip a special screen into the pulp and drain out most of the liquid. Then, they place the wet sheets on a flat surface to dry. The Japanese use the washi for umbrellas, kites, and origami.

Picture Credit : Google