What other animals hurl foul fluids?

Bombardier Beetles: Talk about packing heat! This breed of beetle can squirt a boiling mix of volatile chemicals from the business end of its abdomen. The spray melts attacking insects and scars human skin.

Hagfish: Nearly blind and not very bright, hagfish bumble around the deep ocean looking for their next meal. If a bigger fish starts trouble, it’s slime time! The hagfish encases itself in a cocoon of protective mucus and emits enough extra go to clog the predator’s gills. If the slimed fish survives this suffocating coup de gross, it learns a valuable lesson: Never hassle a hagfish!

Zorillas: You think a skunk is stinky? It’s got nothing on the striped polecat, aka the zorilla, aka the smelliest animal on Earth! Like a skunk, this member of the weasel family can squirt a stream of sticky fluid from its butt at any animal that crosses its path. The polecat’s spray is almost supernaturally stinky.

Turkey Vultures: With a featherless face made for digging into maggot-ridden roadkill, turkey vultures are already the uncontested leaders of the dirty-bird club. But you haven’t really seen their rotten side until you’ve mad. These bad birds defend themselves by barfing up whatever decomposing flesh they’ve recently devoured, along with powerful stomach acids.

Hippos: When an African hippopotamus emerges from a local mudhole to mark its territory with poop and pee, it doesn’t waste any time spreading its waste. The big beast whips its tail to fan feces and urine in every direction. Scientists aren’t certain why hippos spray their excrement to and fro, but they suspect it might serve to mark territory and attract mates.


Picture Credit : Google