What mysteries remain about the brain?

The brain remains largely a mystery.  We know it is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells, called neurons, connected like wires in a giant telephone exchange.  We know messages pass down them like electrical signals, and jump from one neuron to the next by release of neurotransmitter chemicals.  We even know where many of the different brain functions, such as memory, sight, and smell, reside. But what we don’t really have a grasp on is the link between the micro and the macro: how the pattern of electrical and chemical signals results in such amazing things as consciousness, intelligence, and creativity.

Although scientists are mapping out the brain’s neural network and have a decent understanding of which parts do what, they still don’t know where your mind – aka your consciousness, personality, and everything else that makes you fits into the puzzle. Maybe someday you’ll solve that mystery – if you put your mind to it.


Picture Credit : Google