What makes the snow leopard a unique animal?

      Unlike other members of the feline family, snow leopards live as their name suggests, in the snow. They can with stand extreme conditions in the cold, barren mountains of Central and South Asia.

      Snow leopards are found in the entire Himalayan mountain system, as well as areas in Bhutan, Nepal and the Siberian region of Russia. No other cats can live in such heights.

      A snow leopard has the longest tail among the big cats. It reaches up to one metre in length. It helps them to balance when they chase their prey. Another interesting fact about their tail is that they wrap it around their necks like a scarf while they are resting in the extreme cold weather. Since they have to roam about in barren, snow-laden lands where food is scarce, they are sometimes referred to as the ‘ghosts of the mountains’.

Picture Credit : Google