What makes the bonobo a close relative of humans?

        It has been a perennial quest of Man to know where he came from. While the theory of evolution gave him clues as to who his closest relatives are. Great apes are much like us, sharing great genetic resemblance. In fact, bonobos share 98.5% of the human DNA. This is the reason why they possess very human-like qualities too.

        Bonobos are profoundly intelligent and possess deep emotional capacity. It is reported that bonobos have picked up many important features of human culture while in captivity. Most of this was accomplished through their ability to observe, and assimilate ideas.

        They are intelligent enough to learn how to   communicate, use tools and play music. In a case reported, a female bonobo tried her hand at driving a golf cart, though a short while later, it crashes on to a free!

        No doubt, a bonobo is very much like a human.

Picture Credit : Google