What makes Port Louis a favourite tourist destination?

          Port Louis is the capital and the most populous city of the island of Mauritius. The city, in fact, is the country’s economic, cultural and political heart. The city is located between a well-sheltered deep-water harbour and a semicircle of mountains. Ships could easily get access to the land through a break in the coral reef in the sea. Therefore, as a port, Port Louis has wielded great strategic significance throughout history.

          The city’s economy depends on the port, tourism and the manufacturing sector that includes textiles, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. Cathedrals, a natural history museum and an art gallery, several libraries, educational institutions, publishing and research institutes, government offices and the colonial-era Government House are exemplarily constructed and are exquisite masterpieces of architectural sublimity.

          Aapravasi Ghat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the St. Louis Cathedral, the Chinatown District, the Mauritius National History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum are some places tourists seldom fail to visit. Horseracing is a popular sport in Port Louis. Port Louis racetrack, founded in 1812, is another attraction in the city.

Picture Credit : Google