What makes painted mountain an amazing site?

           Mountains are always a fascinating sight. Be it covered with pure white snow or, thick green forests or dry brown rocks, they remain a wonder to human eyes. But have you ever thought about how they would look with all the radiant colours in the world coming together? Such a sight would be nothing less than a visual feast! And that is exactly what the Rainbow Mountains in China is.

           Located within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, the colourful mountains are considered to be a geological wonder. They appear in a wide variety of colours, making the site look like a rainbow-capped mountain range.

           The national park is situated in the Gansu province in the country’s northwestern region. It is believed that the colourful mountains here are sandstones and siltstones that were deposited millions of years ago, even before the Himalayas were formed. Along with the sand and silt, iron and trace minerals were deposited too. In the course of time, this resulted in the formation of multiple colours.