Take a close look at some snowflakes. You can see that they aren’t drops, like rain; or lumps, like hail; or tiny beads, like sleet. They look more like little feathers.

Snow forms when water vapour in clouds freezes. It forms at the top of storm clouds where the air is colder. The frozen water drops grow as more water vapour freezes onto them. They turn into tiny, clear pieces of ice called snow crystals. A snowflake is actually a bunch of snow crystals.

When you look at a snowflake through a magnifying glass, you see a beautiful, lacy shape. Even when they may seem the same, no two snow crystals are exactly alike. Some are flat. Others are shaped like long needles. Most look like pieces of lace. Yet, in one way they are almost all the same. Almost all snow crystals have six sides.

Snow can form high in the sky even in summer. But when snow falls in summer, it melts and becomes rain as soon as it reaches warm air lower down.

Picture Credit : Google