Paper wasps build nests out of thin sheets of paper. They make the paper themselves by scraping wood from dead trees with their jaws and mixing it with saliva.

What lives in a tower block?

Termites build air-conditioned mounds that can be six metres tall. These nests contain a maze of tunnels and can be home to millions of termites. Each colony has a king, a queen and soldiers to guard it. In countries with a very wet climate, some termites build mounds with umbrella-shaped tops.

Is it true? An ant’s nest is full of different rooms.

Yes. The nest is made up of many separate chambers, connected by a maze of tunnels. Some rooms are nurseries for the eggs and young, others are food cupboards and some are dustbins.

Amazing! Like ants and termites, honeybees live with thousands of others in colonies. They work together to find food, care for the young and protect the nest. The nest is made from waxy material which they shape into honeycomb. Honeybee nests are very strong and can last for 50 years.

What makes a nest in a tree?

Weaver ants make nests by pulling leaves together on a branch. They stick the leaf edges together using sticky silk which they gently squeeze from the ant larvae.

Picture Credit : Google