What made Sabeer Bhatia a pioneer in the field of information technology?

Sabeer Bhatia is an Indian- American engineer who co-founded the webmail company known as ‘Hotmail.com’, which once had more users than the Gmail.

Born in Chandigarh on December 30th, 1968, Bhatia completed his schooling in Bangalore, and graduation from BITS, Pilani. At Pilani, he qualified for a transfer scholarship, and moved to the California Institute of Technology. Later, he joined Stanford University to pursue an MS in Electrical Engineering. In 1994, Bhatia, along with his former colleague Jack Smith, started working on what later became a path-breaking innovation. They set up Hotmail on July 4th, 1996, and created history by attracting more than four million users within six months.

By 1998, Hotmail was so successful that Microsoft acquired the company. Bhatia worked for a small period with Microsoft then, before launching his next venture Arzoo Inc., for e-commerce.