What is the Sun?

The Sun

Up in the sky, there is a big yellow ball, the sun. It is only one of millions of stars in the universe. But the sun is more important to people than any other star. Without the sun’s heat and light, there could be no life on Earth.

The sun is a star. It is the closest star to Earth. Our word sun comes from the word Sol. Sol was the name of the ancient Roman sun god. From the name Sol comes our word solar, which means “of the sun”. And our solar system includes everything that moves around the sun.

The sun glows because it is extremely hot. The sun’s centre, its core, is a kind of giant furnace in which the temperature is about 15 million °C.

The sun may not look it, but it is huge. At least 333,000 planets the size of Earth could fit into the sun. Why doesn’t the sun look huge to us? The further away something is, the smaller it appears. And the sun is about 150 million kilometres from Earth!

Picture Credit : Google

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