What is the summary of ‘Seeking Mansfield’?

This is an adaptation of owe of Austen’s trickier novels, “Mansfield Park”. Fanny Price, the protagonist of the original, is one of Austen’s quieter, more docile heroines. In “Seeking Mansfield”, author Kate Watson retains this essential quality ‘while giving her heroine Finley a streak of quiet strength and a mind of her own. Finley loves her foster brother Oliver Bertram. Content to bask in their ‘best friend,’ equation, Finley pursues her Love for theatre while caring for her adopted aunt. Everyone is happy in the settled rhythm of life when that rhythm is upset by Hollywood stars Harlan Crawford and his sister Emma who move into the neighbourhood. Suddenly, Finley’s world is rocked as Emma and Oliver get into a relationship. If that was not enough, Harlan woos Finley. To claim, what she believes is rightfully hers; Finley must overcome her shy nature. Will she?


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