What is the summary of ‘For Darkness Shows the Stars’?

This is a dystopian take on “Persuasion”, set in the England of the future. A genetic experiment has gone grossly wrong, decimating human population. Privileged and wealthy Luddites own land and property and routinely persecute the Reduced, or lower class of people, exploiting them as slaves. Elliott, the protagonist, is a Luddite. Her best friend Kai, a reduced Unwilling to accept serving others as his fate, Kai, decides to escape, and asks Elliott to join him. Torn between her feelings for Kai, and the responsibility she feels towards those who work for her father, Elliott refuses to accompany him. Hurt, Kai leaves. He returns four years later as a successful, explorer. During this time, Elliott father’s farm has sunk into ruin. Elliott, has always Loved Kai, is happy to see him. But Kai is only interested in showing off to her how well he has done for himself. Soon, Elliott

stumbles upon a secret Kai is hiding. Again, Elliott has to decide whether to support her friend or to cling to her beliefs.


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