What is the summary of ‘Enthusiasm’?

Adapting “Pride and Prejudice” in a manner true to the characters and their interactions is most difficult. Most modern authors almost never get right. “Enthusiasm”, however, stands apart. Julie and Ashleigh are best friends. Ashleigh is easily obsessed, with things for a period, of time and during those periods; Julie does what all best friends do—she flows with it. Ashleigh’s latest obsession is Jane Austen. As a true Enthusiast, Ashleigh must now meet Darcy at every cost. So, along with her best friend, she crashes the dance at a Local all-boys school in the hope of meeting Darcy. And, they do. Both girls, who think of themselves as Elizabeth Bennet, fall for the some Darcy.

What could have been a sleep-inducing Love triangle is saved by the author who compels her characters to introspect and discover themselves, each other, their relationship with their parents and their future.


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