What is the story of Dan Brown?

A passion for music, mystery and writing

After decades of writing about secret societies and symbologists, author Dan Brown has now started a new chapter in his life. And it was perhaps even more unpredictable than the plots of his thrillers. On September 1, Brown made his debut as a children’s writer with the release of the book, “Wild Symphony”.

The picture book is all about an orchestra-conducting mouse who gathers characters from all over to play in his symphony. The music-loving rodent, Maestro Mouse, shares Brown’s love of music.

Short notes

Besides solving puzzles, Brown loved playing the piano as a child. He produced songs for children – some of them such as “Suzuki elephants” and “Happy Frog” became popular – and later went on to launch his own record company. He even moved to Hollywood to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter and pianist, but did not meet with much success.

Wild Symphony

Brown finally got a chance to combine his passions for writing and music through “Wild Symphony”. He has come up with an accompanying score for the book. Children can download the app for free and use it to listen to the right song for the right animal. The songs match the characteristic traits of each animal. Brown has written an original piece of music for each of the wild animals in his book. That means, as a child turns the page to the busy beetles, she can hear their song (by scanning a QR code on the page with the Wild Symphony app). Or listen to the bouncy and upbeat music accompanying the kangaroos on the next page.

Popular words

While working as a teacher in 1998, Brown penned “Digital Fortress”. It is a techno-thriller that explores the theme of government surveillance of electronically stored information on the private lives of citizens. Its success was followed in 2003 by yet another bestseller, this time a mystery set in the world of art history and religion, “The Da Vinci Code.” The book is credited with renewing interest in Da Vinci’s work and secret societies, leading to sudden spike tourism to Paris and Rome. It was adapted into a film in 2006 starring the inimitable Tom Hanks as the protagonist Robert Langdon.


Picture Credit : Google