Solar means ‘of the Sun’. The Solar System is centered on the Sun, the shining ball in the sky. It includes the family of nine planets orbiting (travelling around) the Sun, as well as the moons of these planets, and smaller objects, such as comets, asteroids, and bits of space rock. The powerful pull of an invisible force called gravity from the Sun stops these bodies from flying off into deepest space.

Is it true? All planets have one moon.

No. Our planet Earth has one moon, called the Moon. But many of the planets have more than one. Our neighbour Mars, for instance, has two! Only the two planets closest to the Sun – Mercury and Venus – have no moons at all.

Amazing! Saturn’s not the only planet with rings. Saturn’s rings are the easiest to see, but Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have them, too. Saturn has seven main rings, and then hundreds of thinner rings, called ringlets.

Picture Credit : Google