What is the role of the equalizer in sound recording?

          No matter how good a video looks, it cannot be complete without a perfect audio to accompany it.

         And supposing the sound track is weak or unimpressive, won’t it affect the video as such? Well, not really. There is a device that can help here-the equalizer.

         Technically, equalization means the process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal. In other words, it is equipment that pinpoints a range of audible frequencies, and adjusts the level of sounds that fall within the range. With this, one can minimize noise recorded in the field or boost the weak audio.

        There are different instances where an equalizer has to be used- in the recording studios, radio studios and production control rooms. It is also used for live sound reinforcement.

        Several types of equalizers are used for music production, depending on the needs. Two common ones are graphic and parametric equalizers.