What is the medicinal value of charcoal?

Activated charcoal has been a major fad in recent years – black burger burns, black ice creams, black dosas, and even juices and biscuits! Where did it all start? Activated charcoal slurry was used in medical treatment to remove toxins from the body. Thinking that this would be the perfect cleansing magnet to drag out shady molecules and microbic pests are far from the truth!

Irinotecan is a cancer drug known to cause diarrhea. Early research shows that taking activated charcoal during treatment with irinotecan decreases diarrhea, including severe diarrhea, in children taking this drug. Early research shows that taking activated charcoal daily for 24 weeks might reduce phosphate levels in people on hemodialysis who have high phosphate levels. Studies on the use of activated charcoal for wound healing are mixed. Some early research shows that using bandages with activated charcoal helps wound healing in people with venous leg ulcers. But other research shows that activated charcoal does not help treat bed sores or venous leg ulcers.


Picture Credit : Google