What is the importance of newspaper?

“Read all about it!” the newspaper seller cries. He knows people want the latest news.

What happened yesterday? Who won the big match? Will it rain tomorrow? People everywhere are curious about events both near and far.

Most people buy newspapers to read at home or while on a train or bus. In some places, newspapers are pinned up on walls so people passing by can read the news. People who can’t read listen as others read the newspaper out loud.

Some newspapers present news on events happening all over the world. Other newspapers print stories about only one neighbourhood or area.

Millions of newspapers are printed every day throughout the world. Nearly every country has at least one daily paper. In many big countries, hundreds of different newspapers are printed and read every day.

Some newspapers have many pages and are printed on huge printing presses. Other newspapers have only a single page and are printed on small copying machines. Some little newspapers are even written by hand.

You can get up-to-the-minute news of the world at the flip of a switch. Electronic machines such as televisions, radios, telephones, mobile phones, and computers put the news at your fingertips.

You can even watch news as it happens, all around the world. Television signals bounce off objects called artificial satellites out in space. The satellites send TV broadcasts from station to station, anywhere on Earth.

Telephone conversations bounce off space satellites or travel through cables lying on the ocean floor so that people can opposite sides of the world can talk to each other.

Using a computer with a modem, a part that connects to phone wires, you can get news from the World Wide Web on the Internet. And you can send and receive news using e-mail.

You can also connect to the Internet without wires, with certain kinds of mobile phones or portable computers. These devices use radio waves to make the connection.

People can send letters, computer files, and other kinds of information from one computer to another using electronic mail or e-mail.

For up-to-the-minute news any time of day or night, people turn on their computers. On the World Wide Web, part of the Internet, electronic newspapers keep people up on the very latest news.


Picture Credit : Google