Feast of the Hungry Ghosts

Have you ever heard of ghost money or hungry ghosts? These things are part of the Feast of the Hungry Ghosts, a holiday celebrated by Chinese people in Singapore and other countries.

In China and many ethnic Chinese communities in Asia from Cambodia to India to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam all share the belief that real ghosts and spirits, hungry ones at that (!),  roam the streets during the entire seventh lunar month each year, which is designated as Ghost Month. No benign little trick-or-treaters, these roaming spirits are on the lookout for victims to claim so they can be reborn! This is the scariest and most dangerous month of the Chinese lunar year. On a special day, people offer gifts to the spirits of their ancestors.

The gifts are mostly food, clothes, and play money called “ghost money”. It is believed that if these things are burned, the spirits will get them. They will then have food to eat, clothes to wear, and money to spend.

Picture Credit : Google