What is the function of abdomen and pelvis?

The abdomen contains hardworking organs from many of the body’s systems. Most of them help to digest food, clean the blood, or dispose of waste. Supporting them from beneath is a strong framework of bone and muscle called the pelvis.

The abdomen is the body region found between the thorax and the pelvis. Its superior aperture faces towards the thorax, enclosed by the diaphragm. Inferiorly the abdomen is open to the pelvis, communicating through the superior pelvic aperture (pelvic inlet). These two apertures, together with abdominal walls, bound the abdominal cavity.

The pelvis opens superiorly to the abdomen through the pelvic inlet, while its inferior opening (the pelvic outlet) is closed by the pelvic floor (levator ani and coccygeus muscles). The pelvic inlet is the boundary between the greater pelvis superiorly and lesser pelvis inferiorly.


Picture Credit : Google