What is the fastest two-legged land animal?

Ostrich is the fastest two-legged animal. Although they’re flightless birds, ostriches can zoom 43 miles an hour (70 kph) and use their wings for steering when being pursued by a predator. When you are travelling at such high speeds it is important to be able to see where you are going and the ostrich is well equipped in this department. Their eyes are the largest of any land animal, and, at 5 centimetres in diameter, they are bigger than their brains!

The Kalahari is a harsh environment for ostriches, however, as far as predators are concerned. Lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas all stalk the night. The ostrich is never perfectly at rest, having always to keep an eye out for any of the predators that would happily make a meal out of them.


Picture Credit : Google