What is the difference between tint and shades?

Tints and Shades

How would you describe the colour of the sky on a clear day? Most people would say it is blue. But perhaps the sky is not as blue as it was yesterday. Or maybe it is bluer than the sea or a river. There are so many kinds of blue! What makes one blue different from another?

If you have paints, try adding white to some colours. You’ll find that red turns pink, purple turns lavender, and dark blue turns light blue. Colours with white added are called tints.

Now try mixing your colours with a little black to see how they change. Black makes colours darker. These darker colours are called shades.

All colours – red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, and the colours in between – have many tints and shades. Blacks and whites even come in different tints and shades, with interesting names like Mars black or zinc white.

Picture Credit : Google