What is the difference between telegraph and telex?

People send telegrams for birthdays, anniversaries and on festive days. Telegrams are also sent when a message has to reach someone very urgently. You must have also heard of people sending and receiving telexes. Do you know how they are different?To put it very simply, the telegraph uses electrical pulses to transmit and receive signals. It was invented by an American inventor called Samuel Morse in 1837. He used electrical current to produce a clicking sound. With each click, a pointed instrument would mark dots and dashes on a strip of paper. These dots and dashes formed a code that is known as the Morse code. Today of course, we get telegrams in the form of printed messages. However, you cannot send a telegram from your home or office. Neither can you receive a telegram directly. It has to be delivered to you.                                                 

        The telex was introduced much later in 1958. It is a system by which subscribers can use international carriers to send messages and data directly to other subscribers throughout the world. They do not have to go to a telegraph office, and can receive telexes directly if they have a telex machine in their office. Indian Air Force squadrons also have squadron flags or standards. They are also in sky blue, with lotus flower and gold Asoka leaves, and the squadron badge in the centre. Air Force officers also wear badges as part of their uniforms. These badges are worn on their headgear, collars, and shoulder patches