What is the celebration and Feast of the Epiphany?

Feast of Epiphany

In the Christian tradition, it is said that three wise men followed a guiding star to a stable in Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. There, they gave the child gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

With this story in mind, children in Puerto Rico fill their shoes with grass or straw just before bedtime on January 5. The grass or straw is for the animals ridden by the Three Wise Men, sometimes called the Three Kings. The next morning, known as the Feast of Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day, the children find sweets and toys in their shoes – gifts from the Three Kings.

Epiphany is also when some Churches remember when Jesus was Baptised, when he was about 30, and started to teach people about God. Epiphany means ‘revelation’ and both the visit of the Wise Men and his Baptism are important times when Jesus was ‘revealed’ to be very important.

Some Churches celebrate use Epiphany to celebrate and remember both the visit of the Wise Men and Jesus’s Baptism!

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