What is the Apple II?

Apple II is the first successful mass-produced microcomputer designed in 1976. The size of Apple II is smaller than a suitcase. It offered simplicity, the ability to upgrade, and style (for the time, at least) in a sleek beige box that hooked to your TV. Although primitive by today’s standards the Apple II sold in the millions and ushered in the era of personal computing. It was also one of the first personal computers that could play a decent home version of arcade games.

The most important feature of the Apple II was probably its eight expansion slots. No other computer had this kind of flexibility or expansion possibilities. The top of the computer isn’t even attached; it lifts off with little effort allowing easy access to the system motherboard and expansion slots. Dozens of different expansion cards were made by Apple and other manufacturers to add to the Apple II’s capabilities. 

These include – memory expansion, floppy disk controllers, PASCAL, parallel, serial, and SCSI cards, processor accelerators, video cards. 


Picture Credit : Google