What is special about Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport?

35000, the number of air-purifying plants that have been placed across Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport in order to tackle indoor air pollution. The plants have been meticulously chosen for their natural ability to clear the air of basic pollutants. The greenery includes plants and flowering trees like Cassia fistula, Alstonia scholaris, spider plants, snake plants, Golden pothos, weeping fig, Jacaranda mimosifolia and bamboo palm that are scientifically known to provide natural air purification.

Outside the airport too, nearly 3.9 million square feet of the area has been covered with plants and shrubs, officials said. A mix of foliage and flowering trees have been used to this end. Indoor species used include cassia fistula, asltonia scholaris, spider plants, snake plants, golden pothos, weeping fig, jacaranda mimosifolia and bamboo palm among others.

“We have been working towards reducing adverse environmental impacts. For this, we have taken various initiatives to improve air quality management and emission reduction at Delhi Airport. We have gone for extensive plantation of air purifying plants and trees inside and outside the terminals of Delhi Airport. This initiative significantly improved the air quality at the airport and its vicinities and the air quality at the airport is regularly monitored by various authorities,” said a DIAL spokesperson. It’s a great initiative by IGI to combat pollution. For people who can’t afford expensive air purifiers, getting indoor plants is both an intelligent and pocket-friendly idea.

Credit : India Times

Picture Credit : Google 

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