What is represented in the art of Poussin?

Pictures Good Enough to Eat

The French artist Nicolas Poussin thought that in a painting, details were more important than colour. So did many other artists of the 1600’s. Poussin also believed that a painting should show only serious subjects. So Poussin based many of his pictures on legends and the Bible. The painting Holy Family on the Steps shows the family with a basket of apples. In the 1600’s, apples were a symbol of life. The apples may also make us think of a story from the Bible. The fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is often shown in paintings as an apple.

In 1877, the French artist Paul Cezanne painted the apples and oranges. Unlike Poussin’s work, Cezanne’s work was not popular during his lifetime. Cezanne learned from the Impressionists, but he used perspective in his paintings very differently than they did. His style inspired modern artists, including Pablo Picasso of Spain.

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