It punches through steel. It pierces diamonds. It performs tiny, delicate operations. Is it a superhero? No, it is a special kind of light. The light that can do these things is called a laser beam. A laser beam is made up of bundles of energy called photons, just like ordinary light. But the photons in a laser beam act in an unusual way.

The photons in ordinary light have different amounts of energy. They go in all directions, and they start and stop at different times. They are like people in a crowd, walking in all different directions. But in laser light, all the photons work in the same way. They are exactly the same colour, so they all have the same amount of energy. They are also given off at regular times, and they travel in only one direction. They are like marchers in a parade.

With all the photons moving together, laser light is very powerful. But don’t worry! You aren’t going to run into any laser beams out on the street. Laser beams have to be made in special machines. Then they can burn through metal or even drill a tiny hole in a diamond.

Picture Credit : Google